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The Pruning Tools You Need

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The Pruning Tools You Need

Pruning is necessary to promote healthy growth of your plants and trees and to keep them looking neat and under control. We've put together a list of the must-haves for every garden shed or garage.


Loppers were built for cutting those tough branches such as fruit and nut trees and vines. With thicker blades and longer handles, they make it easy to reach high. There are 2 types of Loppers; Anvil and Bypass. With the Atlas Trade Anvil Lopper and Telescopic Anvil Lopper the blade closes down onto a flat piece of softer metal, perfect for deadwood - but with live wood, the blades don't get close enough and can leave a stub. The Atlas Trade Bypass Lopper and Telescopic Bypass Lopper blades work like scissors where they pass each other creating a clean, close cut helping the branch to heal.

Hedge Shears

It’s all in the name, perfect for trimming hedges and small shrubs with long, straight edges. There are 2 types of hedge shears, The Atlas Trade Wavy Blade Hedge Shears and Telescopic Wavy Blade Hedge Shears grip the twigs preventing them from sliding along the blade while cutting. The Atlas Trade Straight Hedge Shears and Telescopic Straight Hedge Shears are easily sharpened, keeping them sharp and accurate when maintained well.

Pole Pruners

Pole pruners are great for reaching to extra tall tree branches, the Atlas Trade Telescopic Ratcheting Pole Pruner and Pruning Saw high carbon steel blades at the end of the 2.4 metre telescopic fibreglass extension pole has a cutting capacity of 30mm but it also has an attachable pruning saw blade helps to trim those wider branches - a must-have for any proud garden.


A must-have in any shed or gardening kit, built to prune roses, trim flower heads, fruit, stems and small branches. The McGregor's Shears, Pruning Saw and Secateurs Set come with a pruning saw, secateurs and shear. The must-have pack for the home garden.

Pruning Saws

The Eden Garden Double Bend Bow Saw features a strong tubular steel bent frame and blade tooth pattern which is ideal for fast cutting. There also prunning saws as part of the  Atlas Trade Telescopic Ratcheting Pole Pruner and Pruning Saw and McGregor's Shears, Pruning Saw and Secateurs Set