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Delivering solutions direct to your door nationwide!

Backyard Living is your online store for all you need for your home, garden, camping and other outdoor needs. Tools, seeds, gardening solutions, camping equipment and much more, so you and your family can enjoy New Zealand's great backyard living.

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    Home, garden and outdoor solutions delivered to your door

    Solutions delivered to your door!

    The easy way to solve your home, garden and outdoor needs.

    Burnet's Lawn Seed

    Get all you need for a lush, green lawn this summer!



    Protect and fertilise your houseplants with the gro-sure range!


    Double Burner Cooker

    With hotplate - for family-size cooking when camping or outdoors.


    Atlas Trade Tools

    All the tools for your garden shed. Spades, shovels, loppers, shears, saws and more!



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    Blog posts

    • September 22, 2020 The Advantages of Buying Online at Backyard Living
      The Advantages of Buying Online at Backyard Living During the COVID-19 lockdown many learned the advantages of being able to buy online and have things safely delivered to the front door. With lockdown being eased the advantages remain, here are some of the advantages of buying online with Backyard Living...
    • May 30, 2020 Get Ready, Get Set, Go to the Mai Mai!
      Get Ready, Get Set, Go to the Mai Mai!

      It’s time to wake up at the crack of dawn, load your gear in the truck and dust off the Mai Mai. Duck Shooting season is here!
      Here are the things you will need:

    • May 18, 2020 How to get rid of Borer in your furniture
      How to get rid of Borer in your furniture You might not notice your house timbers are being attacked by borer until you look for the damage in the dark places like your sub-floor, it is also not always obvious that furniture is being attacked. Read more about what you can do get rid of Borer in your home.
    • May 07, 2020 Garden Tool Care
      Garden Tool Care Here are our tips on tool maintenance. Tools always need a good clean and sharpen to get the longest life out of them; how to get it done at home: