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NO Ants Total Solution Pack


SKU 18115
  • Everything you need for effective ant control in one pack.
  • Fast acting and long lasting.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Detailed instructions included.
  • Contains: NO Ants Bait Stations, 60 g NO Ants Gel Bait, 680 ml NO Ants Barrier Spray ready to use and 450 g NO Ants Ant Sand.

Follow directions on specific products in pack.

NO Ants Nest Killer Gel Bait and Bait Stations

  1. Place many small amounts (1-2 pea size) where ants are seen or have been seen in the past.
  2. The bait can be placed in the bait stations provided or on clean and rinsed jar lids, pieces of aluminium foil or similar*.
  3. Protect the bait from direct sun, children and pets.

* Stick masking tape on delicate surfaces and then apply bait onto the masking tape. This protects the surface and allows easy removal.

NO Ants Barrier Spray

  1. Apply to surfaces where ants have been seen e.g. walls, window and door frames, sills, skirting boards, decks etc.
  2. Spray until the point of run off. 
  3. Porous surfaces may need a second treatment.

NO Ants Ant Sand

  1. Sprinkle NO Ants Ant Sand evenly over the area to be treated such as lawns, flowerbeds, pathways and in cracks between paving stones.
  2. Where possible apply directly to areas such as ant trails and nests*, dispersing product evenly.
  3. DO NOT heap sand granules.

*It is recommended that NO Ants Nest Killer Gel Bait or NO Ants Liquid Bait are used for at least one week prior to applying Ant Sand or sprays to ant nests to prevent causing ant nest budding where ants leave the nest and disperse to form new nests.