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McGregor's Lawn Weed Ready to Use Spray 500 ml


  • McGregor's Lawn Weed Ready to Use Spray
  • Great for small lawns or spot treatment of lawn weeds
  • McGregor's Lawn Weed Control controls Broadleaf weeds in lawns without harming grasses
  • Control broadleaf weeds including Catsear, Chamomiles, Chickweed, Clover, Dandelion, Docks, Onehunga Weed, Prickles & Thistles

Apply evenly over the measured area.
Do not apply after prolonged periods of dry weather.
Do not apply if rain is likely within 6 hours.
Allow 7 days after treatment before mowing lawns, do not use the first grass clippings following treatment to mulch plants.
McGregor's Lawn Weed Control is best applied in Spring or Autumn.

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