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McGregor's Pohutakawa New Zealand Native Seed


SKU M4750
  • McGregor's Pohutakawa New Zealand Native Seed
  • New Zealand's Christmas Tree
  • Pohutakawa is a coastal tree by nature, untroubled by the wildest gale, it makes a robust hedge, shelter belt for a coastal garden or novel rooftop patio plant
  • Also a suitable Bonsai
  • Fast-growing & responding well to trimming after flowering
  • In Maori folklore, it is said that when a person dies the spirit journeys to the tip of the North Island Cape Reinga (the place of leaping) and there find an old Pohutukawa with one bleached branch projecting over the water. Here the spirit clings before slipping into the underworld
  • Pack contains approx. 50 seeds

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