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McGregor's Broccoli Marathon Hybrid Vegetable Seed


SKU M6160
  • Broccoli 'Marathon' is a popular variety and has excellent weather and disease tolerance
  • An extremely adaptable variety that is not only fast-maturing but can be grown practically all year round
  • Pack contains approx. 40 seeds

How To Sow:
Choose a well drained site in full sun. Sow these seeds in trays for subsequent transplanting or, after frosts, sow directly in a well prepared seedbed. Sow seeds 3 cm apart, in rows 60 cm apart and to a depth of 5 mm.
Seedling Care:
Keep the seedbed or trays evenly moist during the germination period of 7-14 days. Apply vegetable fertiliser two weeks after germination for healthier plants and maximum crop. Protect your seedlings from slugs, snails and insect pests; go to for appropriate plant health and pest control products.
Hints and Tips:
Harvest before the florets start to open and turn yellow. Cut just below the point where the stems begin to separate.

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