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Burnet's Gold Rhodo & Camellia Fertiliser 900 g


  • Burnet's Gold Rhodo & Camellia Fertiliser
  • The complete Slow Release Plant Food Ideal for Pots, Containers & Garden Beds
  • Suitable for all acid loving plants including:
    Rhododendrons, Camellias Azaleas, Daphne, Ericas, Michelia, Hydrangeas, Pieris, Boronias, Enkianthus, Magnolias, and Kalmia etc.
  • Simply sprinkle evenly around plants outer drip zone and fork in lightly (~25 g per plant).

NPK 18 - 1.3 - 13 (Plus Sulphur 8%, Iron 0.1% Manganese 0.1%)

Remove any Fertiliser from stem or leaves by brushing or watering off.

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