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Solutions for cleaning your house and surfaces. Get rid of moss, mould, algae, bacteria, viruses and dirt and grime.
Buy Accessories for Your Garden

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Useful gardening accessories including hoses, hose reels, watering timers, gardening bags and more.
Buy Hardware for Your Garden

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All the tools for your garden shed. Spades, shovels, loppers, shears, saws, watering nozzles and more.
Buy Products to Help You Look After Your Indoor Plants

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All you need to look after your indoor plants. Fertilisers, misting foliar feed and insect pest control.
Buy Products to Help You Keep a Lush Green Lawn

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Keep your lawn green and healthy with these helpful products. Fertiliser, seed, insect pest control, weed control, disease control and a dethatcher.
Buy Camping and Outdoor Equipment

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All your camping needs; mosquito repellent candles, gas stoves, hotplates and grills.
Buy Fertilisers for Your Garden Plants and Lawn

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Fertilisers and plant nutrients for your garden plants. Get the most from your garden.
Buy Product to Protect the Health of Your Garden Plants

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Protect your garden plants from pests and disease with garden fungicides and insecticides. Strengthen your plants' defences with fertilisers.
Buy Products to Get Rid of Pests Around Your Home

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Solutions to pest problems in and around your home and workplace. For control of insect pests, spiders, ants, wasps, rats, mice, borer and more.
Buy Seeds for Your Garden

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Vegetable, herb, fruit and flower seeds. Great varieties for a beautiful productive garden and healthy living.
Buy Products to Help You Control Garden Weeds

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Weed control solutions for controlling weeds in and around your garden.