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Micro Green Mix


SKU M6525
Trendy, colourful, healthy and tasty. While chefs and gourmet cooks have enjoyed the use of Microgreens for many years it is still a relatively new home gardening trend. How To Sow: Choose a container with drainage holes. Sow seeds 5 mm apart and to a depth of 5 mm. A clear plastic cover is advised, but do not inhibit ventilation; condensation should not build up on the cover. Once germination starts, allow bright but indirect sunlight.  Seedling Care: Cut with scissors or pick microgreens when first true leaves appear. Usually microgreens are only cut once, as they do not regenerate. However the variable germination time of this mix will allow several harvests.  Hints and Tips: Mix includes: Basil Red Rubin, Basil Genovese, Beet Bull's Blood, Cress Common, Mizuna, Parsley Plain, Rocket Argula & Parcel. Very easy to grow and so convenient when you are looking for something to lift the presentation, taste and health benefits to a meal.  Our seeds are not treated with neonicotinoids.