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LawnPro Smart Lawn Seed 4 kg


SKU G42110
  • LawnPro Smart Lawn Seed with Aqua Gel Technology
  • Guaranteed to grow!
  • Suitable for Full Sun, Shade, Dead Patches and Worn Areas
  • Smart Seed is more than just grass seed, the seed has an AquaGel coating to hold on to moisture, it contains fertilisers and soil conditioner to ensure good strike (germination) and establishment of your lawn
  • 4 kg covers 100 m2
  • Technical Sheet

Great for fixing patches or sowing a completely new lawn. A blend of durable seed varieties which will give you a lush green lawn. Contains the perfect blend of gentle fertilisers and soil improver to give your new grass a great start. It's the only seed you need!

The Smart Seed easy-to-use, built-in seed applicator is perfect for applying the seeds and will allow greater accuracy and even distribution across a wider area. Simply tear back the side strip to reveal our built-in seed applicator.

 Establishment Very Good
Wear Tolerance Very Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Shade Tolerance Very Good
Suitable For Top quality hard wearing lawn
Appearance Dense, fine and medium texture, attractive turf.
Maintenance Medium maintenance. Good disease resistance. Responds well to fertiliser and water.

4 kg covers 100 m2

Healthy Lawns and Grasses

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