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Burnet's Organic Hormone Rooting Dip 50 ml


  • Burnet's Organic Hormone Rooting Dip
  • Stimulates rooting of hard and softwood cuttings
  • Protects cuttings from disease
  • Improves new root nutrient uptake
  • Contain Bacillus subtillis to assist nutrient uptake and disease protection

The Organic Hormone Rooting Dip has auxin-like activities known to stimulate callus formation and rooting on soft to hard wood cuttings. 
It promotes photosynthesis, hormonal activity, respiration and iron uptake.
It also contains a safe wetting agent for quick and even penetration, a broad spectrum antibiotic, that interferes with pathogen cell wall formation, making the pathogens susceptible to chemical fungicides.
It never burns the plant and can repair pre-existing damage.
Contains Bacillus subtilis, a naturally occurring soil bacterium that produces enzymes that help free up minor elements in the soil, making them available for plant uptake and it quickly forms colonies on the root hairs, protecting them from soil borne pathogens.

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